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The Pure Gold Company is delighted to offer its infrastructure and support to Independent Financial Advisers (IFA’s) and Wealth Managers whose clients are interested in our products.

If you would like to work with us or find out what we have to offer, please get in touch on 020 8138 0917 or email

Why choose
the Pure Gold Company?

We understand that the market is rapidly evolving and various regulations can make introducing clients to alternative assets difficult. Physical Gold Bullion has been reclassified by the FCA as a Standard Asset that can be purchased as part of a SIPP, and as such our extensive list of SIPP providers are happy to accept clients on an advised basis and non-advised basis.

  • Available for regulated IFA’s and unregulated agents
  • No regulatory qualifications necessary for physical gold or silver
  • The FCA regards gold bullion as a standard pensionable asset
  • Full training, infrastructure and support are available
  • Competitive commissions are paid at the point of sale (if required)

We’re available to discuss any questions you may have by telephone or a visit to our London offices at 1 Royal Exchange.

Examples of financial investments




Physical gold for investment purposes comes with a number of tax advantages that make it an excellent way to invest wealth. Depending on individual circumstances, gold coins that qualify as UK legal tender, minted by the Royal Mint, are exempt from Capital Gains tax, while investment-grade gold is also available VAT free. These tax treatments may change in the future.
Tax Free Gold is also extremely sought after by the investment market, so liquidation is quick and easy.


In 2006 the government made it possible for individuals to diversify and protect their nest egg by purchasing physical gold bars, within their pension or SIPP and benefit from up to 45% income tax relief. We view ourselves as leaders in our field, and we are ideally placed to explain how this simple but effective structure could work for you.


Depending on individual circumstances, The Pure Gold Company also supplies Tax Free Silver , which is physical silver free from VAT when stored outside the EU, and free from Capital Gains Tax when purchasing coins minted by the Royal Mint. These tax treatments may change in the future.