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Invest in Gold And Live Like a King?

By Joshua Saul – The Pure Gold Company How do the rich spend their money and can we learn from them to achieve success? Wealth is relative. Someone with £10,000 in the bank would be considered wealthy compared to a person with no savings, but not wealthy in comparison to a millionaire. The definition of...Read more >
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Where to buy gold in London and around the UK

By Joshua Saul – The Pure Gold Company If there is ever a time to buy a safe-haven asset, it’s when the political and economic future of the country is as murky and uncertain as it is now. More and more people are considering buying gold to protect their assets from the vagaries of stock...Read more >
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Metro: Money: Going for Gold

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 02/04/2019 By Rosie Murray-west WHEN the global outlook becomes really uncertain, many people turn to gold as the ultimate ‘safe haven’ asset. There was a 74 per cent spike in gold sales on the day of the postponement of the ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit. Unlike currencies, no-one can print more gold, and the...Read more >
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Financial Times Adviser: Is cash king as Brexit looms?

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 27/03/2019 By Saloni Sardana Mr Garg suggests: “Holding stocks and bonds would be the best strategy.” Mr Rees explains the main source of foreign currency exposure in portfolios comes from investment in foreign equity markets, and it is the more adventurous portfolios that usually have a higher allocation to foreign equity...Read more >
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Brexit investors – winners and losers

By Joshua Saul – Director of The Pure Gold Company It’s a provocative title, but Brexit is a provocative topic. It has polarised this country, the political landscape, families, friends and our European neighbours, and as the deadline for leaving approaches the mudslinging and soap-boxing gets louder. Aside from polarising the nation on whether or...Read more >
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By Joshua Saul – Director of The Pure Gold Company  The past few years have seen seismic shifts in political, economic and structural norms. The US political landscape has had a destabilising effect on the global economy, and the uncertainty around Brexit is impacting every aspect of British life, from shopping, to saving, to travelling...Read more >
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The Motley Fool: Brexit watch: will this 6.5%+ yielder sink, or surge, in the event of no deal?

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 17/01/2019 By Royston Wild Away from the backbenches of Westminster, there’s very few people who believe that a no-deal Brexit wouldn’t have a catastrophic effect on the domestic economy. The fear of a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union has already weighed heavily on the retail sector, for instance, with shock profit...Read more >
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International Adviser: Massive surge in gold demand ahead of Brexit vote?

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 16/01/19 By Kirsten Hastings The pound has wobbled but shows little sign of a repeat of June 2016 The chief executive of a gold and silver investment company has reported a strong surge in demand from investors for physical gold, “as it was announced that Theresa May’s Brexit deal succumbed to the...Read more >
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YourMoney: Brits flock to gold amid Brexit fears

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 16/01/2019 By Danielle Levy UK investors are rushing to buy gold on the back of concerns about Brexit and potential market volatility. The Pure Gold Company, which buys physical gold and silver on behalf of individuals, reported a 324% increase in the number of people purchasing physical gold bars and coins this week. Gold...Read more >
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Mirror: Brexit turmoil sees panic-stricken Brits throw money into gold

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 16/01/2019 By James Andrews The pound and the FTSE might have shrugged off Theresa May’s record defeat on Brexit, but Brits reacted by panic buying gold instead. With no clear idea what will happen with Brexit – and the March deadline for leaving the EU rapidly approaching, Brits are abandoning shares...Read more >
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    You can either receive your gold via our complimentary Insured delivery service or have your gold safely stored within a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) vault whereby your metals are fully allocated, segregated and insured by Lloyds of London.

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    I decided to make my first tentative steps into investment in gold with the help of The Pure Gold Company due to the good reputation they have dealing with the less experienced investor such as myself. I feel their reputation is well deserved. I was kept informed, anything I didn’t understand was explained well. I have no reservations in recommending The Pure Gold Company to those looking to invest in gold or silver.
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    I found The Pure Gold Company knowledgeable and trustworthy and in my opinion wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them
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    These guys were patient and seemed to understand my situation well. They weren't pushy or salesy and gave me all the facts so that I could make my own decision. I was surprised at how straightforward they made the process and would certainly recommend The Pure Gold Company to anyone looking to invest in gold or silver
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    Having thoroughly researched the gold investment market I found The Pure Gold Company. They were knowledgable, transparent and kept it all very simple. My gold arrived the next day and I’m now discussing options for silver storage. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them...
  • Racheline Natalie Michaels - Director, Hexagon of Highgate Ltd

    A friend recommended The Pure Gold Company, as they have a reputation of assisting beginners, they were fantastic. They explained in detail how it all works and what options would best suit our circumstances. They guided us on timing and saved us 6% by waiting a couple of weeks
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