Investing your pension lump sum

Chancellor George Osbourne’s pension reforms in 2014 opened-up the pensions market and enabled people to take much more control of their future income than before. Since 2015, retirees have had the freedom to invest their pension pots in assets that suit their requirements.  Before 2015, withdrawals were largely nominal and only available to people with...Read more >
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Second chance in a second wave – protecting your assets in another slump

  The Coronavirus pandemic delivered a sudden and unexpected shock to every part of global society, and the dramatic economic impact could not have been foreseen. Global markets plunged, and recessions were foretold, but only a couple of months on those markets started to recover amid the optimism of easing restrictions.  Now, an eerie sense...Read more >
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Understanding Gold and Silver Investment

Gold and silver has been coveted for centuries, with evidence of treasures dating as far back as 4000 years. For almost 2500 years both gold and silver have been used as currency, valued for their rarity and exchanged for goods around the world. Today, gold and silver coins are no longer used to buy and...Read more >
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What is the outlook for the global economy in 2020?

The world is an unrecognisable place from just five months ago. Lockdowns have paralysed economies across the globe and there is no clear path back to normalcy. As the UK eases itself out of lockdown against a backdrop of fear, confusion and uncertainty, it’s clear the economy won’t be bouncing back within the year. So,...Read more >
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  Living in a society and consuming the services offered by it, from political leadership to bin collection requires the payment of taxes. Income tax, capital gains tax, national insurance, VAT, fuel duty and a raft of duties on luxuries like cigarettes and alcohol all swell the coffers of the government. These taxes fund the...Read more >
Gold Investment And Tax

Pensions in 2021 – Protecting your pension after the fall

Market volatility will always impact on pension savings, but the scale and extent of the current global economic crisis has many soon to be retirees worried. Investing in stable assets like gold as retirement nears is a necessity especially in these uncertain times. The average pension plan fund value fell by 15% in the first...Read more >
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Gold and the Fear Index

One of the most commonly mentioned benefits of physical gold is the protection it offers against “volatility” and “volatile investments”. What is a “volatile investment”, and how does gold mitigate its risks? Volatility is a measure of how much the price of an economic unit (a share, a quantity of a commodity etc) is likely to change...Read more >

What is spot gold price and why is it important?

What Is Gold Spot Price? It’s always daytime somewhere in the world, so the gold market is always open (during the week). From New Zealand, across the Asian continent to Europe and then on to America, gold is traded continuously, and the price of gold changes continuously. This is known as the spot gold price,...Read more >
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How Safe is Gold in Uncertain Times?

Newton said it best – “what goes up must come down”, and the law doesn’t just apply to gravity, it’s equally relevant to markets. While over decades and centuries, stock markets tend to rise incrementally, within this upward cycle there are inevitably periods of decline. History is pockmarked with crashes, slumps and contractions that have...Read more >
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What is Gold Bullion?

‘Bullion’ is a term often heard, but its precise definition can often be slightly slippery. The term is linked to various forms of precious metals – bars and various kinds of coins, for example – so often it feels like the word is being used in lots of different ways. Bullion is itself a very general term. ‘Bullion’...Read more >
What is Gold Bullion?