Reasons to Invest in Physical Gold 2017

The Pure Gold Company 07/02/2017 By Joshua Saul Read our updated post: “4 Reasons to Invest in Physical Gold in 2019” That time of year is upon us yet again, during which analysts and experts from the world are requested to make market predictions for the coming twelve months. While prices saw a dip in...Read more >

How Will the Potential Italian Banking Crisis Affect Gold Investors?

The Pure Gold Company 13/12/2016 In a year of big news it’s been easy to miss the smaller financial and political crises that are happening at home and abroad. Distracted by the Brexit referendum and constitutional crises in America, the news media has missed a similarly pressing concern in Italy. There was limited press coverage...Read more >

What Might 2017 Bring for People Who Have Investments in Gold?

22/11/16 By Josh Saul 2016 has been a year with surprises in abundance, with a variety of world events with complex effects on economies, currencies and stock markets. From the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union via Brexit, to India’s reform of high-value Rupee banknote circulation, the election of new US President Donald...Read more >

What Does Trump’s Election Mean for People Who Invest in Gold?

By Josh Saul 20/11/16 Trump’s election surprised the world, and the markets acted accordingly. In an echo of the Brexit result in June, the day following the election the dollar and stock markets fell. However, gold prices rose, seeming to confirm that a sense of uncertainty lends itself to gold gaining strength. To many, Trump’s...Read more >

What Does the Fluctuating Pound Mean for Gold Investment?

The Pure Gold Company 11/11/2016 In the global marketplace there are few investment certainties. With sterling reaching record lows during October, fears of the effect of Brexit on the UK economy and even more potential problems as a result of the forthcoming US election, investors are having a hard time looking for safe and intelligent...Read more >

Why are People Investing in Gold for their SIPPs?

The Pure Gold Company Updated: 07/05/2019 It can’t be denied that we find ourselves in an uncertain and potentially difficult period of history. The complexity and violence in the Middle East rages on; the US Presidential election has alternately engrossed and repulsed the entire world; the UK continues to be divided by the Brexit referendum...Read more >
gold-295936_960_720 Gold soars as investors seek safety; How to Access the Precious Metal

The Pure Gold Company 24/7/2016 The Pure Gold Company is mentioned by in analysis of the immediate aftermath of the Brexit and its influence on the gold markets. Gold prices continue to increase as Brexit uncertainty remains. By Paloma Kubiak Gold jumped 22% against the pound overnight, its fastest ever move, leaping to a...Read more >

The Daily Mail: Five-minute guide to… Investing in gold

The Pure Gold Company 11/9/2016 The Pure Gold Company are referenced as the go to UK gold dealer in a five-minute investing guide by Harvey Jones of the Daily Mail. By Harvey Jones GOLD has been the top performing investment since the millennium, easily outshining major rivals such as shares, cash and property. The precious metal...Read more >

Why Invest in Gold for 2017?

12th October 2016 By Joshua Saul, Director of the Pure Gold Company 2016 looks to be one of the most unpredictable years in modern memory. Political and economic dynamics, from the United States presidential election and its preliminary build-up, through to the announcement of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union via the Brexit...Read more >
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Gold storage solutions – Where to safely store your physical gold

  7th October 2016 Written by Joshua Saul – The Pure Gold Company Financial and political uncertainty has persuaded an increasing number of people to turn to physical gold to keep their wealth safe. Retail gold sales, to people from all walks of life, surged in the run up to Brexit, with gold coin and bar sales...Read more >