Buying Gold Bullion for Investment

“Bullion” refers to a bulk quantity of precious metal, measured by weight and typically coming in the form of bars. It’s a safe, tangible and valuable asset recognised all over the world. The weight of bullion is often measured in troy ounces.

Gold Bullion Overview


Gold bullion is a solid investment in turbulent financial times. Thanks to the metal’s rarity, durability and applications in industry and design, gold will always be both scarce and in demand.


Reasons to invest in gold bullion include:


1. Gold is a reliable hedge against volatility


Furthermore, the gold price’s inverse relationship with the other commodity markets and with the state of investor confidence in the economy as a whole means that its value often rises when other stocks are falling, making it an excellent “safe haven” to ride out economic downturns.


2. An independent investment


Gold offers an pleasingly independent investment. Wherever physical gold is stored, if correctly allocated it belongs completely to the investor and remains under their control. Investors in physical gold can store their wealth free of the banking system and outside the traditional economy, in a form of investment which they control and which can be easily liquidated at any time.


3. Moving forward


With the global economy facing uncharted waters thanks to the struggles of the European Union, the uncertainty of Brexit and the new Trump presidency in the United States, now is an excellent time to be investing in physical gold.


Under UK tax laws, gold and sometimes silver bullion may be exempt from VAT and capital gains taxes when purchased under certain circumstances for investment. There are various levels of tax advantage depending on the type of physical gold bullion purchased for investment.


VAT exempt

All investment gold is exempt from VAT if it meets the minimum criteria – of a purity not less than 995 thousandths in the form of a bar or wafer accepted by the bullion markets, or as a gold coin minted after 1800 that is at least 900 thousandths pure and is legal tender in its country of origin. All gold provided by The Pure Gold Company is meant for investment purposes and as such meets these criteria.


Capital gains exempt

Gold bullion coins created by the UK’s Royal Mint are exempt from both VAT and the Capital Gains Tax, as they qualify as legal tender. While these coins have relatively low face values, the value of the gold they contain is much higher and they are a reliable investment medium.


Tax Free Silver

The Pure Gold Company also supplies Tax Free Silver, and you won’t be liable for any VAT or Capital Gains Tax. It comes in the form of silver coins or silver bars and is a very popular bullion that is easy to liquidate.

Gold Bullion Coins

One of the most popular types of gold bullion are gold sovereigns and silver sovereign coins. Gold Sovereign coins were traditionally made with 22 karat, as including a small percentage of alloy metal, usually copper, strengthens the coin. 24 karat coins are 99.99% pure gold. If you’re buying UK gold and silver bullion coins made by the Royal Mint, as legal tender they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax.


UK gold bullion coins

Similarly, gold and silver Britannias are also available as legal tender to UK buyers, coming in a variety of sizes and weights suitable for all kinds of investment. They are also exempt from the Capital Gains tax for the same reason.


Fractional bullion gold coins

To keep up with demand, all of the countries issuing one ounce bullion coins also produce fractional sizes of half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce, with the quarter being the most popular. They also come in smaller fractional sizes, however, as it costs nearly as much to make the smaller ones, the larger coins represent a better investment.


The 2006 Financial Act made it possible for individuals to buy physical gold bars within their pensions or Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) and benefit from up to 45% tax relief. This act has allowed hundreds of UK pension savers to purchase physical gold within their SIPPs at a very low cost.


Investment advantages

In the UK, bullion investors will be able to take advantage of a recent release of high-quality gold bullion for private sale, with a purity of 99.99%.


Investors will incur a 1% charge per year for owning the bars, plus VAT. For pension purposes, however, this bullion will be free from capital gains tax and eligible for SIPP investment. You will be able to purchase 100g or 1kg bars and a small amount of the larger 400oz bars.

Gold Bullion Pricing

Gold bullion pricing is sometimes confusing to new investors. Prices are generally quoted in terms of spot pricing, the amount of money required for an over-the-counter gold purchase via the London Market Bullion Association markets.


Gold spot price

Individual investors however cannot pay the spot price, as it is designed to benchmark price fluctuations and does not take into account creating the gold. Individuals will need to acquire their gold from either trading companies registered with the LBMA or registered banks. This usually means commission fees apply, particularly when purchasing gold from banks.


Gold retail price

Reputable bullion dealers are more likely to sell close to the spot price, making the “spread” smaller for the investor. The spread is the difference between the price you can buy, and the price you can sell.


This makes investment with a bullion dealer a much more economically sensible proposition. The Pure Gold Company prides itself on providing a buy back guarantee and buying back at prices above the spot price, offering overall spreads that are much less.

How to Invest

Whichever route you decide to take, many analysts agree that investing in precious metals is a wise move. Cash hasn’t beaten inflation but gold and silver certainly has.


Gold doesn’t have to be a one-off investment. Our Gold Saver offers you the opportunity to pay a small monthly fee and start getting having investment gold delivered to your home.



Follow our four step guide

Regardless of what type of bullion you’re after, we can help you to buy it, with all supporting certificates of authenticity provided. Our expert consultants will advise you on all available options and answer all your questions on how to buy gold bullion. When investing you’ll follow a four step process:


1. Consultation with experts from The Pure Gold Company on the best investment options for your needs.

2. Signing of a purchase order allowing The Pure Gold Company to purchase gold on your behalf.

3. Making a payment via bank transfer or personal cheque. For smaller orders we may accept credit or debit cards.

4. Choosing between delivery and storage of your gold.



The Pure Gold Company offers both secure storage in LBMA-approved Loomis International vaults and a fully tracked and insured delivery service if the client prefers to move their gold to their own location. All gold stored by The Pure Gold Company is fully allocated to the investor and is placed in segregated storage, making it easy to retrieve and sell.

How to Buy Gold & Silver

  • Consultation

    From one of our dedicated specialists to understand what products are available and relevant to you. The extent of consultation is driven by you and is a good opportunity to ask us as many questions as possible. We listen to your circumstances and are happy to provide tax efficient solutions.
  • Purchase order

    When you feel comfortable and confident and you’ve had all your questions adequately answered you are able to complete a purchase order which is your instruction to purchase metals.
  • Payment

    In order to lock in the price and complete your order you can transfer funds via bank transfer or personal cheque. For smaller orders we may accept debit or credit cards.
  • Storage and delivery

    You can either receive your gold via our complimentary Insured delivery service or have your gold safely stored within a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) vault whereby your metals are fully allocated, segregated and insured by Lloyds of London.

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