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Reuters: Trump Victory Spurs Physical Gold Buying In Europe

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 10/11/2016 Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the US presidential election has spurred already high gold sales in the European markets. Josh Saul of The Pure Gold Company is quoted by Reuters discussing the reasons behind the increase in sales. Spot gold prices surged nearly 5 percent with Donald Trump’s surprise U.S....Read more >
Gold bars are seen at the Austrian Gold and Silver Separating Plant 'Oegussa' in Vienna

This is Money.co.uk: ‘It’s gone nuts, absolutely bonkers’: UK gold traders report rocketing demand as investors seek safe haven after Trump victory

The associated feature   The Pure Gold Company 9/11/2016 The Pure Gold Company’s Josh Saul is quoted on ThisisMoney.co.uk following the Trump victory, describing the huge surge in business as the markets spasm. By Jane Denton Price of gold rises to around £1,050 an ounce as Trump is elected Birmingham-based gold firm rakes in millions in early trading ...Read more >

YourMoney.Com: Brits pile into gold ahead of US election result.

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 8/11/2016 UK investors piled into gold over the weekend and into Monday with two major gold firms reporting a huge surge in inquiries. The Pure Gold Company is quoted on YourMoney.Com on the inevitable rise in gold prices following a Trump or Clinton victory. By Paloma Kubiak Much like the...Read more >

The Daily Express: Gold prices will reach all-time HIGH within 18 months, investor claims

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 5/7/2016 The Pure Gold Company quoted by the Daily Express on how to make money with gold post-Brexit. Precious metal prices are still climbing and look set to continue to do so. With predictions of stock market turmoil and economic disasters on the horizon, gold is becoming essential for financial...Read more >

Reuters: After Brexit, ordinary Britons warm to gold as safe haven

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 19/7/2016 The Pure Gold Company are featured by Clara Denina of Reuters as our clients talk about why they have been purchasing physical gold in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. As the UK stock market and the sterling continue to struggle, many people are choosing to put their...Read more >

The Guardian: Gold can be a big deal for small investors, but nothing is certain

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 8/8/2016 Harvey Jones in the Guardian covering the prospects for smaller investors to invest in gold. The Pure Gold Company’s customers are interviewed on why they chose to invest in precious metals. With continued storm clouds on the economic horizon, The Pure Gold Company and other gold dealers like the Royal Mint...Read more >

Moneyobserver.com: Gold: how to buy, sell and store gold coins, bars and jewellery

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 10/8/2016 Store your physical gold or bury it in the garden? The Pure Gold Company are featured in moneyobserver.com offering an insight into why people are currently purchasing physical gold. With Brexit, the US Elections and rumours of further slowdowns in the Chinese markets by Ruth Jackson Ron, an...Read more >

The Daily Express: Find out about the high return alternatives to cash savings

The associated feature The Pure Gold Company 14/8/2016 With interest rates at record lows, the Express.co.uk run through the various alternatives to cash savings whilst using The Pure Gold Company as a thought leader to explain the benefits of investing in physical gold. In recent years, many more ordinary people, particularly retirees, have been investing in gold by...Read more >

The International Business Times: Ways to invest in gold, albeit at your own peril

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 1/9/2016 The Pure Gold Company featured in the International Business Times (ibtimes.co.uk) as a preferred UK gold dealer and thought leader on how to invest in gold. While the commodity markets have performed poorly and remain one of the worst performing asset classes, gold is the only exception. Gold...Read more >

The Daily Mail: UK consumers snap up physical gold after price slides under 1,000 pounds/oz

The associated feature     The Pure Gold Company 5/10/2016 The Pure Gold Company feature in the Daily Mail whilst commenting on a surge in gold demand given the renewed buying opportunity. Sudden ‘black swan’ events like Brexit can drive gold prices up as demand increases, but they can also present new opportunities to buy and invest in the...Read more >

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    I decided to make my first tentative steps into investment in gold with the help of The Pure Gold Company due to the good reputation they have dealing with the less experienced investor such as myself. I feel their reputation is well deserved. I was kept informed, anything I didn’t understand was explained well. I have no reservations in recommending The Pure Gold Company to those looking to invest in gold or silver.
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  • Racheline Natalie Michaels - Director, Hexagon of Highgate Ltd

    A friend recommended The Pure Gold Company, as they have a reputation of assisting beginners, they were fantastic. They explained in detail how it all works and what options would best suit our circumstances. They guided us on timing and saved us 6% by waiting a couple of weeks
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