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  Living in a society and consuming the services offered by it, from political leadership to bin collection requires the payment of taxes. Income tax, capital gains tax, national insurance, VAT, fuel duty and a raft of duties on luxuries like cigarettes and alcohol all swell the coffers of the government. These taxes fund the...Read more >
Gold Investment And Tax

Investing in gold: which product is right for you?

29/04/2021 For centuries, gold has been used as a currency and a store of wealth. It comes in various physical forms, from coins to jewellery to decorative objects. These physical manifestations were the only way for retail investors to own the safe-haven asset for centuries. In the 20th Century, stock market investing went mainstream, and...Read more >
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The Great Gold Squeeze of 2020

22/04/2021 By the end of 2019, there were almost 200,000 tonnes of gold above the ground. Most of it, in jewellery, private investment, official holdings and gold in other forms. With that vast quantity already mined, refined and circulating worldwide, a gold squeeze might seem unlikely. As more people look to buy, the law of...Read more >
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A Silver Safe-Haven: why demand remains robust

15/04/2021 For centuries, the desirability of silver and gold has fluctuated with the fashion of the day and the changing political and economic environment. Safe-haven demand has been a steady drawcard, and the industrial uses of silver have added another dimension to its allure for well-informed investors. But the global pandemic and a Reddit-powered army...Read more >
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Your Gold Investment Questions Answered: Part 2

At The Pure Gold Company, we specialise in helping our clients understand and navigate the gold investment world. In this blog post, we are focusing on some of the commonly asked questions to which our clients look to us for answers. If you are researching investing in gold we hope these more detailed answers will...Read more >

Is the gold price too high to buy?

25/03/2021 The uncertainty and economic chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic impelled the gold price to all-time highs last year. While the price has tempered somewhat since then, it’s still high relative to the last two, five, ten or 20 years.  To properly understand gold price, relativity is key. If you look at a gold...Read more >
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Holiday Boom: blind optimism or much-needed necessity?

18/03/2021 The events of the past year have been life-changing for many people. Repeated lockdowns have diminished social, financial and educational circles and created a malaise of monotony and anxiety. Against this backdrop, it is understandable that people will be looking towards the summer when society begins to open up and recover from the stresses...Read more >
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2021 Budget: is it bust or boom for investors?

04/03/2021 UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak was in the unenviable position on Wednesday of delivering a budget that walked a fine line between supporting the hobbled economy with relief measures and trying to rein in spending to deal with an exponential deficit. The outcome tipped in favour of propelling the economy forward even if at the...Read more >

Market manipulation with a silver lining

  For anyone investing in the stock market or other financial instrument, there is an expectation that the process is underpinned by regulation and the collective security of millions of other investors. And it’s true that billions of pounds change hands daily through trades in commodities, shares or financial instruments with no instances of foul...Read more >
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Bitcoin & Gold: volatility hedged with protection

  Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade but most people only vaguely understand what it is. They’re exposed to headlines of meteoric price rises and devastating crashes but know very little of how it works and whether it is actually a good investment. It’s easy to find positive investment advice, and just...Read more >
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Negative Interest Rates: Can Gold Help Weather the Storm?

  The spectre of negative interest rates first reared its head in October and came to the fore again last week when the Bank of England asked lenders whether their systems were prepared for that eventuality. The Bank of England did also say banks shouldn’t take the information request as a sign a rate cut...Read more >
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How to Buy Gold & Silver

  • Consultation

    From one of our dedicated specialists to understand what products are available and relevant to you. The extent of consultation is driven by you and is a good opportunity to ask us as many questions as possible. We listen to your circumstances and are happy to provide tax efficient solutions.
  • Purchase order

    When you feel comfortable and confident and you’ve had all your questions adequately answered you are able to complete a purchase order which is your instruction to purchase metals.
  • Payment

    In order to lock in the price and complete your order you can transfer funds via bank transfer or personal cheque. For smaller orders we may accept debit or credit cards.
  • Storage and delivery

    You can either receive your gold via our complimentary Insured delivery service or have your gold safely stored within a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) vault whereby your metals are fully allocated, segregated and insured by Lloyds of London.

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    I decided to make my first tentative steps into investment in gold with the help of The Pure Gold Company due to the good reputation they have dealing with the less experienced investor such as myself. I feel their reputation is well deserved. I was kept informed, anything I didn’t understand was explained well. I have no reservations in recommending The Pure Gold Company to those looking to invest in gold or silver.
  • Sir Geoffrey Leigh - Property Entrepreneur

    I found The Pure Gold Company knowledgeable and trustworthy and in my opinion wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them
  • Annabel Bartfeld - Ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital

    These guys were patient and seemed to understand my situation well. They weren't pushy or salesy and gave me all the facts so that I could make my own decision. I was surprised at how straightforward they made the process and would certainly recommend The Pure Gold Company to anyone looking to invest in gold or silver
  • Oliver Shipton - Partner at Lee & Thompson LLP

    Having thoroughly researched the gold investment market I found The Pure Gold Company. They were knowledgable, transparent and kept it all very simple. My gold arrived the next day and I’m now discussing options for silver storage. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them...
  • Racheline Natalie Michaels - Director, Hexagon of Highgate Ltd

    A friend recommended The Pure Gold Company, as they have a reputation of assisting beginners, they were fantastic. They explained in detail how it all works and what options would best suit our circumstances. They guided us on timing and saved us 6% by waiting a couple of weeks
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