The Daily Express: Gold prices will reach all-time HIGH within 18 months, investor claims

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The Pure Gold Company quoted by the Daily Express on how to make money with gold post-Brexit. Precious metal prices are still climbing and look set to continue to do so. With predictions of stock market turmoil and economic disasters on the horizon, gold is becoming essential for financial security. Is it the right time to sell, or should investors hang on to their gold?

Lana Clements

Prices of the precious metal hit a two-year high on Monday amid increased nerves over the global economy.

Gold is seen as one of the safest places for cash in times of economic and stock market turmoil.

Prices are currently at around $1,352, but climbed to record highs of $1,900 during the financial crisis.

Josh Saul, chief executive of The Pure Gold Company, said the firm has been taking gold orders all weekend.

He added: “There’s been no let-up in demand.

“We’ve seen a significant number of non-UK nationals buying gold to protect themselves from currency fluctuations, and we’ve also seen more people turn to gold mid-way through their property purchases.

“The Brexit issue has stoked fears of a property slowdown so some clients who had sold their property but had not yet completed on another have pulled out in order to buy physical gold coins and bars.”

Amid record low yields – or returns – on another safe haven investment government bonds, gold prices could continue to rise, say experts.

Swiss Asia Capital’s Singapore managing director and chief investment officer, Juerg Kiener told CNBC that he believes gold prices could reach record highs in the next 18 months.

He said: “This fall-off in trust is resulting in people looking at different ways to invest, particularly in an environment when the government controls the whole fixed income market, which is negative.

“At least (in gold), you don’t have negative yields, there is no new supply…and falling production.”

Buying gold involves spending money on storage costs, and there are no yields from the asset – meaning investors are purely betting on a rise in prices.

Mr Kiener said: “The more important issue is that you can’t print gold. You’ve got falling production, falling inventory and a demand cycle which is picking up. ”

Another way to invest in the precious metal is through gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), they track the price of gold and are available at a lower cost than buying physical gold.

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"Banks including UBS are implying that gold forecasts are at an all-time high, with some suggesting the gold price could jump by another 30% by the end of the year."

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