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Laura Delow, 59, a semi-retired financial consultant and her retired husband Simon, 65, invested £40,000 in buying gold sovereigns in February 2016 as a hedge against their other assets. The couple, from Chigwell in Essex were concerned about the stability of the banks when they purchase physical gold from The Pure Gold Company in February, and are considering buying more in light of the Brexit vote.

“Over the foreseeable future I see gold rising considerably because of global economic and financial instability, in particular with banks,” Laura says.

But she isn’t worried if the price does fall. “If in the foreseeable future gold went on a downward trajectory, I would be delighted as it would mean greater financial stability and as a result our other investments should hold strong or grow in value.”

Laura and Simon have also invested in SIPP stocks & shares, Insurance investment Bonds invested primarily in equity funds, premium bonds, cash ISA’s and a property portfolio.

They chose to buy gold sovereigns as these are capital gains tax exempt, and the gold is held in vaulted storage through The Pure Gold Company. “Trust is an important factor for both of us and as such we would only use a reputable UK gold dealer with an impressive track record. That’s why we have only ever dealt with The Pure Gold Company in London where gold is purchased online but you get your own relationship manager,” says Laura.

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