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Precious metals such as gold and silver have long been traditional staples of a diversified investment portfolio. Investors can hold the metals physically, or gain exposure via products such as in derivatives, exchange-traded commodities (ETCs), mutual funds and company stocks.

For high-net-worth (HNW) individuals with investable assets of £1 million or more, precious metals are regarded as useful hedges against inflation, and gold held in some forms has tax advantages. But each metal can present its own set of opportunities and risks.

The best precious metal advisers can help to guide a client through the unique nuances of investing in the asset class. They are also able to identify emerging market trends that can protect clients against unexpected volatility.

This year, Spear’s is delighted to welcome Josh Saul of gold and silver dealer the Pure Gold Company, a frequent guest on radio and television and one of the gold industry’s best connected and well-informed figures.

Spear’s publishes annual rankings of the top private client advisers and service providers to HNWs. These are drawn up on the basis of peer nominations, client feedback, telephone and face-to-face interviews, data supplied by firms, as well as information gathered by the Spear’s editorial and research teams.

The precious metal advisers featured are included in the table below, along with their Spear’s ranking and focus. 

Stephen FloodGoldCorePrecious Metals
Robert GlynneBullion VaultPrecious Metals
Rob Halliday-SteinBullionByPostPrecious Metals
Austin KiddleSharps PixleyPrecious Metals
Graham LoveRoyal Mint BullionPrecious Metals
Toby OsborneThe Royal MintPrecious Metals
Josh SaulPure Gold CompanyPrecious Metals
Peter SchiffGoldmoneyPrecious Metals
Paul WithersDirect BullionPrecious Metals
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