The Pure Gold Company

The Pure Gold Company is one the fastest growing founder-led companies in the UK and is proud to be featured in the FEBE Growth 100 list for 2024. The achievement recognises the rapid growth of the company over the last year, driven by its unique approach to consultative gold investment. 

CEO Josh Saul said: “More and more people are turning to tangible commodities like gold and silver to protect their assets from all the risks they see around them. We’ve had years of rampant inflation, huge interest rate rises, international wars and a stagnant economy. It’s hard to know how to grow your wealth in an environment like that, which is why we provide all the information our clients need to make an informed choice about precious metals. 

“The surge in demand has come from returning customers and new clients who have never bought gold before coming to us looking for a safe-haven asset. We’ve grown rapidly because our knowledgeable gold experts educate and inform so our clients can feel confident about their purchases. And we’ve been able to grow fast without impacting our competitive pricing

The recognition from FEBE (For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs), reflects the dedication of our experts, as well as the vision we have for growth. Gold has a venerable history of long-term growth, and our company is growing along with it.”

Discover all there is to know about buying gold for investment:

  • How to invest in gold
  • Timing and pricing considerations
  • Our Buy Back Guarantee

We provide tips on how to protect and grow your savings without paying tax on your gains.