Investing in physical gold: a beginner’s guide

  Featured on 7th December 2015 Written by Joshua Saul – The Pure Gold Company    An in-depth look at the benefits and risks of investing in physical gold – the precious metal that divides opinion. Gold is the oldest currency in the world; a private investment that’s easy to liquidate and in finite supply...Read more >

The Black Market Gleams With Gold

What effect has India’s recent cash withdrawal and its new efforts to tax physical gold held by individuals had on the international gold price? The Pure Gold Company explains.   By Joshua Saul For decades, India has struggled with the problem of ‘black money’, usually rupee notes that were either illegally obtained or not declared...Read more >

The Gold Lottery – Could You Get Lucky?

  The Pure Gold Company 04/05/17 For centuries, people storing their wealth in the form of gold have been squirrelling it away in stashes all over the world. Often, these stashes are forgotten about. For example, dementia patients whose houses are sold when they die, people who’ve buried their gold and subsequently lost it or...Read more >

US Airstrikes and Trump’s Failed Promises: Gold Price Rising with Global Uncertainty

The Pure Gold Company 25/04/2017 Donald Trump’s presidency continues to influence the gold price and provide something of an argument in favour of gold investment, as his constantly erratic and unpredictable government’s recent movements on the world stage stoke further tensions with various international players. The price of investment gold climbed sharply to a high of...Read more >

Why Is Alan Greenspan Telling Us To Invest In Gold?

  The Pure Gold Company 08/03/2017 Alan Greenspan, long-standing chair of the United States Federal Reserve from 1987-2006, is a man whose economic advice should not be taken lightly. A veteran economist who served under four US presidents, Greenspan’s position on gold has changed several times. In 1966, for example, he wrote that “this is...Read more >

Donald Trump’s First 100 Days in Office: What will it mean for gold investment?

The Pure Gold Company 30/01/2017 By Joshua Saul At time of writing, Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a more worrying start than any US president in recent memory. Between rumoured chaos within the government itself, mass protests, ideologically motivated refugee bans, a record low approval rating and mass firings of government employees (as well...Read more >

Reasons to Invest in Physical Gold 2017

The Pure Gold Company 07/02/2017 By Joshua Saul That time of year is upon us yet again, during which analysts and experts from the world are requested to make market predictions for the coming twelve months. While prices saw a dip in the closing weeks of 2016 they haven’t yet reached the multi-year low in...Read more >

How Will the Potential Italian Banking Crisis Affect Gold Investors?

The Pure Gold Company 13/12/2016 In a year of big news it’s been easy to miss the smaller financial and political crises that are happening at home and abroad. Distracted by the Brexit referendum and constitutional crises in America, the news media has missed a similarly pressing concern in Italy. There was limited press coverage...Read more >

What Might 2017 Bring for People Who Have Investments in Gold?

22/11/16 By Josh Saul 2016 has been a year with surprises in abundance, with a variety of world events with complex effects on economies, currencies and stock markets. From the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union via Brexit, to India’s reform of high-value Rupee banknote circulation, the election of new US President Donald...Read more >

What Does Trump’s Election Mean for People Who Invest in Gold?

By Josh Saul 20/11/16 Trump’s election surprised the world, and the markets acted accordingly. In an echo of the Brexit result in June, the day following the election the dollar and stock markets fell. However, gold prices rose, seeming to confirm that a sense of uncertainty lends itself to gold gaining strength. To many, Trump’s...Read more >

What Does the Fluctuating Pound Mean for Gold Investment?

The Pure Gold Company 11/11/2016 In the global marketplace there are few investment certainties. With sterling reaching record lows during October, fears of the effect of Brexit on the UK economy and even more potential problems as a result of the forthcoming US election, investors are having a hard time looking for safe and intelligent...Read more >