The Pure Gold Company

by Mark Battersby for International Investment

City of London-based The Pure Gold Company has seen a 326% increase in people investing in physical gold bars and coins this week, compared to the 12-month average, amid concerns that an attack by Russia on Ukraine could be imminent.  
Josh Saul, CEO of the gold investment firm, said: “Our clients are all worried about the fallout of an invasion in the east coupled with the worst inflationary conditions we have seen for 40 years. This worry is affecting clients from all backgrounds including teachers, doctors, engineers and investment bankers. Many are anxious about leaving their savings in banks or keeping investments in the stock market as the turbulent conditions could get worse in the days and weeks to come.  
“The brinkmanship on the Russia Ukraine border is weighing on market sentiment as an invasion looks ‘imminent’. Gold has increased by over 6 % since the beginning of February as people flock to the precious metal as a safe-haven asset in this period of uncertainty.  
“The Pure Gold Company also has seen a 619% increase in people removing exposure to equities and funds within their pension / SIPP in order to purchase physical gold bars within the same vehicle. The financial aftermath of the pandemic coupled with inflationary pressure and geopolitical uncertainty is negatively affecting equities which can adversely weigh on people’s retirement prospects. Purchasing gold allows clients to remove their wealth from the banking system during times of unrest but with the necessary liquidity to buy back into the equity market when they’re ready to do so.  
“Our clients do not purchase gold purely for growth. It is safety and security from unpredictability which is the underlying driver. Clients understand that their savings are in an asset class that is physical, that tends to increase in value during times of uncertainty (and free from tax in certain circumstances) and can be converted back into cash quickly.

“Gold has been a safe-haven asset for hundreds of years, and more recently increased in value during the uncertainty and turmoil of Brexit and the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are looking to this safe-haven now as the geopolitical and economic uncertainty returns.” 

Source: International Investment

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