Channel 4 Dispatches: The Brexit Millionaire

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The Pure Gold Company

Channel 4 invited Managing Director of The Pure Gold Company’s Josh Saul to feature in a “Dispatches” documentary about the winners and losers of Brexit. Interviewed at 1 Royal Exchange Josh was asked to explain why people were investing in gold in the wake of Brexit and the wider geopolitical uncertainty.  You can see Josh explaining why people are buying gold, how to buy gold and key moments over the last couple of years when the gold price has increased. We were asked to showcase £100k worth of gold and silver coins and bars for the public to see. The same documentary entitled “The Brexit Millionaire” also highlighted various financial rewards that politicians were making on account of Brexit. Jacob Rees-Mogg was depicted from financially gaining from the Brexit uncertainty.


"Since Brexit was announced back in 2016, we've seen a considerable increase in demand for people looking to purchase gold"

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